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"Crew was very courteous, and crew manager answered all questions"

Thomas & Dania mech

"Professional job that was done in a timely manner"

Ed Messner

"We really enjoyed Mark and his team. It was a very very nice experience."

Jessie Brown

"Start to finish, you did an excellent job. Thank you for helping to preserve my family's cabin, my grandfather would be proud!"

"Can't thank you enough for the excellent customer service! You treated the place as if it were your own! Very impressed with the final product!"

Pete Stremersch

"After removing the existing shingles, it was discovered they were leaking and the sheeting beneath had rotted. This was taken in stride and the sheeting replaced. An estimate received from another roofer did not include removing the existing shingles. That would've been a huge mistake."

"Our neighbors and friends are impressed with the work that was done. This little place was a challenge. Thank You!"

Rick Harris

“We are so thankful for the work that those guys do and Mark's Company as a whole!!! This is freakin awesome!!!! Those 2 boys worked their butts off and made our cottage beautiful!!!! (Siding installation)”

Mike and Terri Ehrler

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